Board of Governors (the voting Board)
Officers 2018


Claire Regan, Wagner College

Vice Presidents

Janell Cryspin, iHeartMedia (special projects)

Colin DeVries, NYU Lutheran (awards dinner)

Melissa Heule, freelance (communications)

Daniel Roberts, Yahoo Finance (awards contest)

Jessica Seigel, New York University (events)

Polly Whittell, freelance (membership)


Joanna Hernandez, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

Assistant Secretary

Gary Shapiro, Columbia University


Mike Rizzo, St. John’s University

Advisory Council (Past Presidents)

  1. Alex Tarquinio, The Society of Professional Journalists President-Elect

Steve Dunlop, Dunlop Media

John C. Long, The Wall Street Journal (retired), St. John’s and Hofstra Universities

Executive Council

Michael Arena, The City University of New York (Chairman, as the immediate past president)

Phil Corso, The New York Post

Tricia Couture, freelance

Ivette Davila-Richards, CBS News

Sheryl Huggins Salomon, The Root

Katina Peron, NYC High School Journalism Contest

Peter Szekely, Thomson Reuters

Suzanne Woolley, Bloomberg News

Lauren Young, Thomson Reuters

George Bodarky, WFUV-New York, Fordham University

Professional Council

Betsy Ashton, WNET and portrait artist

Rebecca Baker, The Daily News and the Society of Professional Journalists President

Allan Chernoff, Chernoff Communications

Anastasia Economides, NBC News

Robert Greenman, journalism educator, writer

Pamela Lynn Hamilton, documentary producer

Keith Kelly, The New York Post

Jacqueline Leo, Chloe Consulting

Ben Lesser, Thomson Reuters

Rubina Madan Fillion, The Intercept

Abi Wright, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

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