2018 Contest Award Judges

Once again, the awards were judged remotely and at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in Times Square. More than 80 judges sifted through hundreds of entries. The Deadline Club wishes to thank CUNY for the generous donation of its space, and the following journalism professionals who judged this year’s competition:

Ilya Arbit
Michael Arena
Irwin Arieff
Rebecca Baker
S. Barchenger
Sana Bég
Terena Bell
Mervin Block
George Bodarky
Joe Calderone
Stephen Castellano
Allan Chernoff
Kevin Chupka
Clara Colbert
Tricia Couture
Dave Creed
David Cruz
Paul D’Ambrosio
Ivette Davila-Richards
William Deane
Robert Demetrious
Colin DeVries
Bruce Diamond
Clay Dillow
Shaminder Dulai
Steve Dunlop
Anastasia Economides
Richard Eisenberg
Robert Exley Jr.
Susan Farkas
Elizabeth Fenner
Kathy Field
Andrew Ford
Ginnie T.
Fred Guterl
Robert Hackett
Melody Hahm
Pamela Hamilton
Joanna Hernandez
Melissa Heule
Sheryl Huggins
Imad Khan
Alix Langone
David Lewis
Anna Limontas-Salisbury
John Long
Lisa M.
Rubina Madan
Amber McKynzie
Jay Michaelson
Jared Miller
Mary Miraglia
Heidi Moore
Mimi Mouk
Rick Newman
Denver Nicks
Andrew Nusca
Katina Paron
Jim Paymar
Frank Posillico
Claire Regan
Andrea Renault
Michael Rizzo
Jeff Roberts
David Russell
Jessica Seigel
R. Shannon
Peter Szekely
Chris Taylor
Ginnie Teo
Meena Thiruvengadam
Clare Trapasso
Phil Wahba
Polly Whittell
J. Woodward
Suzanne Woolley
Ellen Wulfhorst
Karen Yokomizo
Lauren Young
Elana Zak

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