Who Gets the Rube? Club to Announce Awards Tuesday

Steve Coll

Columbia University Journalism School Dean Steve Coll

The Deadline Club announced all of the finalists in its 2015 journalism awards contest, whose winners will be unveiled May 12 at a dinner at the Waldorf Astoria where Columbia University Journalism School Dean Steve Coll will be interviewed by Jennifer Saba of Reuters. The Club, the New York City chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, received a record 577 entries to its annual competition, which recognizes the best work in 2014 by New York area news organizations in 31 journalistic categories, including print, digital, video, television, radio and still pictures.

Media correspondent Jennifer Saba of Reuters

Media correspondent Jennifer Saba of Reuters

Entries of more than 29 news organizations – big and small – made it to the finalist level. Those with multiple finalist entries included The Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, The New York Times, the New York Daily News, ProPublica, ESPN and Fortune Magazine. Several smaller print and digital news organizations also had finalist entries, including The Poughkeepsie Journal, The Asbury Park Press, Matter, City Limits and The Jewish Daily Forward.

Several of the works of this year’s finalists reflected last year’s top news stories, such as the police killings of unarmed black men in New York and Ferguson, the murders of two New York City police officers, the Ebola outbreak, the U.S-Cuba diplomatic breakthrough and Derek Jeter’s farewell game as a New York Yankee. Other topics included global warming, the health care system, prescription drug abuse, the pharmaceutical industry, U.S. race relations, guns, and teenage pedophilia.

Judges of the Digital Video Reporting category decided not to name a winner or finalists this year. More than 80 area journalists volunteered to judge the club’s contest this year.

Columbia University’s Coll, who is also a staff writer at The New Yorker magazine, led an investigation, whose findings were released this week, into the breakdown of journalistic safeguards on Rolling Stone magazine’s problem-ridden story, “A Rape on Campus,” which it retracted. Besides heading the country’s most prestigious journalism school, Coll also teaches there as a Henry R. Luce Professor of Journalism. He also spent 20 years at the Washington Post as a reporter, foreign correspondent and senior editor until 2005, winning the first of his two Pulitzer Prizes along the way.

2015 Judges List

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The Daniel Pearl Award for Investigative Reporting

  • Brian Grow, P.J. Huffstutter, Michael Erman, Duff Wilson and Mimi Dwyer, Reuters, “Farmaceuticals”
  • Jennifer Levitz, Jon Kamp and Thomas Burton, The Wall Street Journal, “Deadly Medicine”
  • Rukmini Callimachi, The New York Times, “Underwriting Jihad”
  • Ryan McNeill, Deborah J. Nelson, Duff Wilson, Alister Doyle and Bill Tarrant, Reuters, “Water’s Edge”

Newspaper or Digital Beat Reporting

  • Nikole Hannah-Jones, ProPublica, “Segregation Now”
  • Hamza Hendawi, Associated Press, “Mideast Beat Reporting”
  • Andy Pasztor, The Wall Street Journal, “Andy Pasztor on the Aerospace Industry”

Newspaper or Digital Feature Reporting

  • Luke Malone, Matter, “You’re 16. You’re a Pedophile. You Don’t Want to Hurt Anyone. What Do You Do Now?”
  • Nina Bernstein, The New York Times, “To Die at Home”
  • Rod Nordland, The New York Times, “Afghanistan’s Romeo & Juliet”

Newspaper or Digital Spot News Reporting

  • Staff, New York Daily News, “I can’t breathe… I can’t breathe…”
  • Staff, New York Daily News, “Executed”
  • Staff, The Associated Press, “Ferguson No-Indictment”

Newspaper or Digital Enterprise Reporting

  • Nikole Hannah-Jones, ProPublica, “Segregation Now”
  • Adam L. Penenberg, PandoDaily, “Follow the blood money: Exposing the secret US banking operations that help fund suicide bombers”
  • Drew Hinshaw, The Wall Street Journal, “On the Front Lines: For Want of Gloves, Ebola Doctors Die”

Newspaper or Digital Local News Reporting

  • Greg B. Smith, Allegra Abramo, Natalie Abruzzo, Julia Alsop, Frank Green, Gwynne Hogan, Ross Keith, Roxanne Scott, Melisa Stumpf and Maria Villasensor, NY City News Service / CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, “Stop the Mold”
  • Jake Pearson, The Associated Press, “Death on Rikers Island”
  • Bill Dedman, Newsday, “Steak Knives”

Reporting by Newspapers with a Circulation Under 100,000

  • Frimet Goldberger, Jewish Daily Forward, “New Square”
  • Mary Beth Pfeiffer and Stuart Shinske, Poughkeepsie Journal, “Killers & Pain”
  • Ken Serrano and Brian Johnston, Asbury Park Press, “The Iron Soldier”

Reporting by Independent Digital Media

  • Lina Zeldovich, Narratively, “The Magic Poop Potion”
  • Scott Gurian, NJ Spotlight, “Coverage of New Jersey’s Long-term Sandy recovery”
  • David Yanofsky, Quartz, “Pilots of Instagram”


Magazine Personal Service 

  • Jennifer Braunschweiger, Laura Sinberg and Lesley Jane Seymour, More Magazine, “How to Command a Room”
  • Jeannine Amber, Vanessa K. De Luca and Lauren Williams, Essence Magazine, “The Secrets to Raising Really Smart Kids”
  • Amy Brightfield, Katherine Pushkar and Alyssa Shaffer, and Gayle Goodson Butler, Better Homes & Gardens, “What Every Woman Needs To Know About Mammograms”

Magazine Profile

  • Roger Parloff, Fortune, “New Blood”
  • Suzanna Andrews, More Magazine, “Pop Quiz: Eva Moskowitz is…”
  • Bethany McLean, Vanity Fair, “Yahoo’s Geek Goddess”

Magazine Investigative Reporting

  • Suzanna Andrews, Bryan Burrough, and Sarah Ellison, Vanity Fair, “The Snowden Saga: A Shadowland of Secrets and Light”
  • Ann Marsh, Scott Wenger and Kamrhan Farwell, Financial Planning, “Could Financial Planning Help Stem the Rate of Military Suicides?”
  • Scott Eden, ESPN The Magazine, “No One Walks off the Island”

Magazine Feature Reporting

  • Jessica Bruder, Harper’s Magazine, “The End of Retirement”
  • Wright Thompson, ESPN The Magazine, “Nothing Can Stay Buried”



Headline Writing

  • Brian Hershberg, The Wall Street Journal, “Selfies Bring Ashtags to Lent”
  • Nicholas Varchaver and Jennifer Reingold, Fortune, “How to Fail in Business While Really, Really Trying”
  • Jason Anders, The Wall Street Journal, “Colombians Have Had Enough of U And Your Spelling Mistakes”

Arts Reporting

  • Rafer Guzman, Newsday, “Still Makes You Feel Alright”
  • Allan M. Jalon, Tablet Magazine, “Lincoln Center Presents an Opera Without Jews, Set in Auschwitz”
  • Ellen Gamerman, The Wall Street Journal, “Ellen Gamerman on the role of museums”

Business Feature

  • Peter Elkind and Marty Jones, Fortune, “Citizenship for Sale”
  • Nelson D. Schwartz, The New York Times, “How Wall Street Bent Steel”
  • Kurt Eichenwald, Vanity Fair, “The Great Smartphone War”

Business Investigative Reporting

  • Paul Kiel and Chris Arnold, ProPublica, “Unforgiven”
  • Hilary Stout, Danielle Ivory, Matthew L. Wald, Rebecca R. Ruiz and Hiroko Tabuchi, The New York Times, “Fatal Flaws”
  • Jean Eaglesham and Rob Barry, The Wall Street Journal, “Tracking Troubled Brokers”

Opinion Writing 

  • Thomas Goetz, Inc.
  • Alfred P. Doblin, The Record of North Jersey
  • Juan Gonzalez, New York Daily News

Science, Technology, Medical or Environmental Reporting

  • Jennifer Levitz, Jon Kamp and Thomas Burton, The Wall Street Journal, “Deadly Medicine”
  • Kate Sheppard, The Huffington Post, “Climate Change Takes A Village: As The Planet Warms, A Remote Alaskan Town Shows Just How Unprepared We Are”
  • Lina Zeldovich, Narratively, “The Magic Poop Potion”

Sports Reporting

  • Peter Keating, ESPN The Magazine, “An Unsettling Deal on Concussions”
  • Teri Thompson, Mary Papenfuss, Christian Red and Nathaniel Vinton, New York Daily News, “Kicking & Scheming”
  • Don Van Natta Jr., ESPN The Magazine, “The Whistleblower’s Last Stand”



Spot News Photo

  • Theodore Parisienne, New York Daily News, “Cops Shot”
  • Khalil Hamra, The Associated Press, “Wounded in Gaza”
  • Evgeniy Maloletka, The Associated Press, “Passenger”

Feature Photo

  • O Chul Kwon, National News, ZUMA Press, “Northern Lights”
  • Aristide Economopoulos, NJ Advance Media, “Prom Night in New Jersey”
  • Stephanie Keith, New York Daily News, “Eric Garner Protest – Barclay’s Center”

Sports Photo

  • Scott Mc Kiernan, ZUMA Press, “The Agony of Defeat”
  • Daniel Ochoa de Olza, The Associated Press, “Gored”
  • Julie Jacobson, The Associated Press, “Jeter’s Last Jump at The Stadium”



Multimedia, Interactive Graphics and Animation

  • Staff, The Wall Street Journal, “Kowloon Walled City”
  • Bob Marshall, Brian Jacobs and Al Shaw, ProPublica, “Losing Ground”
  • Tim Fernholz and David Yanofsky, Quartz, “Quartz: Interactive: This is every satellite orbiting earth”

Digital Innovation

  • Patrick Stiegman, Chad Millman, Patricia Mays, Michael Knisley, Ed McGregor, Paul Kix, John Korpics, Heather Donahue, Jonathan Luna, Scott Siebers, Carlos Mejia, Jim Surber, Karen Frank, Dylan Coulter, Ruby Mateo and Alex Mitchell, ESPN Digital Media, “Anatomy of a Pitch”
  • Mary Harris, John Keefe, Paige Cowett, Marine Boudeau, Jeanne Brooks, Fiona Carswell, Schuyler Duveen, Evan Hensleigh, Louise Ma, Valentina Powers, Karthik Ravindra, Jim Schachter, Kio Stark, Paula Szuchman, Noah Veltman, Jenny Ye, Bryan Young, Elizabeth Zagroba, Ilya Marritz, Yasmeen Khan, Temitayo Fagbenle, Kaari Pitkin, Fred Mogul, Manoush Zomorodi, PJ Vogt, Brooke Gladstone, John Hockenberry, Kat Aaron, Jennifer Hsu and Amy Pearl, WNYC Radio, “WNYC’s Clock Your Sleep Project”
  • Staff, The Record, “The GWB Files”



Radio or Audio Reporting

  • Robert Lewis, Noah Veltman and David Lewis, WNYC Radio, “NYPD Bruised”
  • Amanda Aronczyk, Karen Frillman, Mary Harris and Jennifer Vanasco, WNYC Radio, “Rx for the Bx”
  • Luke Malone, Robyn Semien and Ira Glass, This American Life, “Help Wanted”


Digital Video Reporting




Television Spot News Reporting

  • Staff, NY1 News, “Eric Garner No Indictment”
  • Staff, ABC News, “The U.S. and Cuba: Historic Breakthrough”
  • Staff, ABC News, “The Downing of Flight M17”
  • Staff, ABC News, “The Decision in Ferguson”

Television Feature

  • Diane Sawyer, David Muir, Claire Weinraub, David Sloan, Glenn Ruppel, Joseph Diaz, Muriel Pearson, Michael Mendelsohn, Joseph Rhee, Susan Welsh, Christine Romo, Keturah Gray, Mark Robertson, Mary Kathryn Burke and Lauren Pearle, ABC News, “Young Guns”

  • Barbara Walters, Bill Geddie, Brad Larosa, Peri Muldofsky, Jennifer Joseph, Emily Whipp, Allison Geddie, Megan Reilly, Lauren Beck and Mark Burns, ABC News, “Barbara Walters: Her Story”

Television Series or Investigative Reporting

  • Walt Kane, Karin Attonito, Anthony Cocco and Ed Hannen, News 12 New Jersey, “Kane in Your Corner: Students Restrained”
  • Debi Gade, Shari Einhorn, Rich Barrabi, Eileen Lehpamer, Drew Scott, Colleen McVey, Brian Stahl, Rob Feldman, David Rahner, James Luning, Daniel Scaturro, David Garden, Caryn Kraus, Keith Orpheus and Ashley LoFaso, News 12 Long Island, “Heroin: Addicted on Long Island”
  • Blaise Gomez and Stephen O’Leary, News 12 Westchester, “A Town Divided”



Minority Focus

  • Sarah Ryley, Dareh Gregorian, Laura Bult and Barry Paddock, New York Daily News, “Beyond Broken”
  • Omar Villafranca, Polly Leider, Chris Mathis, Amy Juhls, Jacqueline Barnathan, Bill Felling and Kurt Davis, CBS News, “Inside Ferguson”
  • Lois Beckett, ProPublica, “PTSD”
  • Nicquel Terry, Alesha Williams Boyd, Randy Bergmann and Amanda Oglesby, Asbury Park Press, “Summit for Success – Fixing Asbury’s failed schools”

Public Service Award 

  • Nikole Hannah-Jones, Jeff Larson, Mike Tigas, Maisie Crow, Grace Koerber and Amanda Zamora, ProPublica, “Segregation Now”
  • Peter Elkind and Marty Jones, Fortune, “Citizenship for Sale”
  • Rachel Blustain and Jarrett Murphy, City Limits, “The Limits of Protection: A Child-Welfare Reality Check”
  • Lois Beckett, Vanessa K. De Luca and Lauren Williams, ESSENCE Magazine, “Black America’s Invisible Crisis”

For corrections, please contact info@deadlineclub.org so we can ensure the most accurately posted list on the website and printed material for all of our contest finalists.

Winners of the contest will be announced on May 12 at a dinner at the Waldorf Astoria. Tickets are now available. 

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