Board of Governors (the Voting Board) Officers 2018


  • Claire Regan, Wagner College

Vice Presidents

  • Janell Crispyn, iHeartMedia (special projects)
  • Colin DeVries, NYU Lutheran (awards dinner)
  • Melissa Heule, freelance (communications)
  • Daniel Roberts, Yahoo Finance (awards contest)
  • Jessica Seigel, New York University (events)
  • Polly Whittell, freelance (membership)


  • Joanna Hernandez, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

Assistant Secretary

  • Gary Shapiro, Columbia University


  • Mike Rizzo, St. John’s University

Advisory Council (Past Presidents)

  • Alex Tarquinio, The Society of Professional Journalists President-Elect
  • Steve Dunlop, Dunlop Media
  • John C. Long, The Wall Street Journal (retired), St. John’s and Hofstra Universities

 Executive Council

  • Michael Arena, The City College of New York, chairman of the Executive Council and immediate past president (Chairman, as the immediate past president)
  • Phil Corso, The New York Post
  • Tricia Couture, freelance
  • Ivette Davila-Richards, CBS News
  • Sheryl Huggins Salomon, The Root
  • Katina Paron, NYC High School Journalism Contest
  • Peter Szekely, Thomson Reuters
  • Suzanne Woolley, Bloomberg News
  • Lauren Young, Thomson Reuters
  • George Bodarky, WFUV-New York, Fordham University

 Professional Council

  • Betsy Ashton, WNET and portrait artist
  • Rebecca Baker, The Daily News and the Society of Professional Journalists President
  • Allan Chernoff, Chernoff Communications
  • Anastasia Economides, NBC News
  • Robert Greenman, journalism educator, writer
  • Pamela Lynn Hamilton, documentary producer
  • Keith Kelly, The New York Post
  • Jacqueline Leo, Chloe Consulting
  • Ben Lesser, Thomson Reuters
  • Rubina Madan Fillion, The Intercept
  • Abi Wright, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism