Getting Critical: Arts Reporting in the Digital Age

On Tuesday, October 9th, The Deadline Club hosted a panel discussion: Getting Critical: Arts Reporting in the Digital Age. Arts reporting today faces a conundrum. While coverage in legacy media has shrunk—for example in reduced book review sections—social media users and citizen reviewers have real clout, but do not necessarily consider themselves journalists. Amid the torrent of likes, retweets and replies, just what is the current role of the professional reviewer and critic? The Society of Professional Journalists-Deadline Club presented a top panel of book, film, theatre and visual arts journalists who will debate how their jobs, coverage and the arts media landscape have evolved with the modern age.
Panelists: A.O. Scott, New York Times film critic; Michael Riedel, theatre critic; Susan Shapiro, book reviewer and author of The Byline Bible along with eight other titles; Mimi Wong, visual arts. Moderator Gary Shapiro

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