2014 Contest Award Judges

Once again, the awards were judged at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in Times Square. More than 80 judges sifted through 547 entries, making this our most competitive contest yet. The Deadline Club wishes to thank CUNY for the generous donation of its space, and the following journalism professionals who judged this year’s competition:

Hana Alberts
Michael Arena
Irwin Arieff
Sarah Armaghan
Betsy Ashton
Cary Babor
Rebecca Baker
Rich Barbieri
Mark Beech
Mervin Block
Matthew Chayes
Jane Clark
David Creed
Bill Deane
Colin DeVries
Michael Donohoe
Anastasia Economides
Bill Egbert
Susan Farkas
Amy Feldman
Shane Ferro
Rubina Fillion
Erika Fry
Howard Goldberg
T. Sean Herbert
Charles Herman
Jere Hester
Melissa Heule
Lambeth Hochwald
Lonnie Isabel
Joab Jackson
Lauren Johnston
Pamela Kawi
Meagan Kelty Nichols
Daryl Khan
Betsy Kim
Judy Kuriansky
James Ledbetter
Suevon Lee
Allison Leopold
John Long
Tami Luhby
Juliet Macur
Rick Maiman
Allison Malafronte
Cathy Mather
Donald Mazzella
Brandon McCoy
Christine McKenna
Ashley Milne-Tyte
Heidi Moore
Dave Mosher
Mimi Mouakad
Beatrice Myers
Neil Nagraj
Joe Pappalardo
Jennifer Peltz
Mark Prendergast
Claire Regan
Andrea Renault
Matt Rivera
Michael Rizzo
Tom Robbins
Daniel Roberts
Barbara Scott
Jessica Seigel
Claudia Seymour
Shalini Sharma
Amy Singer
James Stepleton
Heather Struck
Peter Szekely
Alex Tarquinio
Christine Taylor
Phil Wahba
Nikki Waller
Polly Whittell
Scotti Williston
Herman Wong
Chrys Wu
Ellen Wulfhorst
Lauren Young

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