The Deadline Club's 2024 Awards Finalists

Here are the finalists that were selected from more than 550 entries to the Deadline Club’s 2024 Awards Contest, listed in alphabetical order within each of 36 categories. Winners will be announced at the Deadline Club’s annual Awards Dinner on Thursday, May 16 at the Harvard Club. Learn more about the dinner, including a special conversation with Jonathan Lemire and Molly Ball, at

1. The Daniel Pearl Award for Investigative Reporting

  • The New York Times Alone and Exploited” Hannah Dreier
  • Reuters “Slaughter in Sudan” Maggie Michael, El Tayeb Siddig, Ryan McNeill, Zohra Bensemra, Khalid Abdelaziz and the Reuters Staff
  • Wall Street Journal “Shadow Men: Inside Wagner, Russia’s Secret War Company” The Wall Street Journal Staff

2. Newspaper or Digital Beat Reporting

  • The Intercept “The Prosecutor and the Snitch Ring” Jordan Smith, Liliana Segura
  • Reuters “The Musk Industrial Complex” Reuters Staff
  • Wall Street Journal “Colleges’ Spending Spree” Melissa Korn, Andrea Fuller, Tawnell D. Hobbs, Shane Shifflett, Stephanie Stamm

3. Newspaper or Digital Feature Reporting

  • Associated Press “In the shadow of loss, a mother’s long search for happiness” Matt Sedensky  
  • HuffPost “He’s The Trans Son Of An Anti-Trans Influencer. It’s His Turn To Speak.” Christopher Mathias
  • The New York Times “Barbie, Her House and the American Dream” Anna Kodé 

4. Newspaper or Digital Spot News Reporting

  • Newsday “Gilgo Beach Killings Arrest” Newsday Staff
  • The New York Times “George Santos Is Kicked Out of Congress in a Historic Vote” Michael Gold, Grace Ashford

5. Newspaper or Digital Enterprise Reporting

  • The Trace “Dangerous Homes: Guns and Domestic Violence Exact a Deadly Toll on Kids” Jennifer Mascia
  • ICIJ-International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, Guardian US, NBC News and Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism “Revealed: Amazon linked to trafficking of workers in Saudi Arabia” Trafficking Inc. reporting team
  • HuffPost Inside The Cottage Industry Of ‘Experts’ Paid To Defend Anti-Trans Laws” Molly Redden

6. Newspaper or Digital Local News Reporting

  • THE CITY “Eric Adams Straw Donors Exposed” George Joseph, Bianca Pallaro, Yoav Gonen, Haidee Chu, April Xu (Documented), Katie Honan and Tom Robbins
  • Newsday “Feeling the Squeeze: The high cost of living crisis on LI” Newsday Staff
  • Streetsblog “Ghost Tags: Inside New York City’s Black Market for Temporary License Plates” Jesse Coburn

7. Reporting by Newspapers with a Circulation under 100,000

  • Crain’s New York Business “Zombie City” Aaron Elstein
  • The Highlands Current “Beacon: Then, Now and How” Jeff Simms, Brian PJ Cronin, Leonard Sparks
  • New York Law Journal / ALM Veteran Lawyers Larry Hutcher and Randy Mastro Face Off in Appeal Over MSG ‘Lawyer Ban’” Jason Grant

8. Reporting by Independent Digital Media

  • The Forward “Inside the debate over antisemitism and Israel on campus” Arno Rosenfeld
  • The Intercept “Kissinger’s Killing Fields” Nick Turse
  • Streetsblog “Ghost Tags: Inside New York City’s Black Market for Temporary License Plates” Jesse Coburn

9. Magazine Personal Service

  • Better Homes & Gardens Magazine “Social Media Skin Myths Busted” Amy Brightfield, Alice Oglethorpe, Katie Becker, Stephen Orr, Oma Ford 
  • Consumer Reports “CR’s Guide to Better, Safer Drinking Water” Lauren Kirchner, Keith Flamer, Lauren Friedman, Joel Keehn, Wendy Greenfield

10. Magazine Profile

  • The Atavist Magazine “The Quality of Mercy” Anna Altman
  • Rolling Stone “The Feds Say Pras Is a Foreign Agent. Now the Fugee Tells His Side” Michael Ames
  • The Trace “The Gun Industry Has a Suicide Problem” Mike Spies

11. Magazine Investigative Reporting

  • Consumer Reports “Nobody Should Lose a Child Over a Toy” Lauren Kirchner, Margot Gilman, Joel Keehn, Joy Crane, Scott Meadows
  • Cosmopolitan Magazine “What Happened to the Women Prisoners at Hickman’s Farm” Elizabeth Whitman
  • Rolling Stone “The Trillion-Dollar Grift: Inside the Greatest Scam of All Time” Sean Woods

12. Magazine Feature Reporting

  • Economic Hardship Reporting Project and Mother Jones “Is This the End of Prison Phone Fees?” Robin Kaiser-Schatzlein
  • The New York Times Magazine “The Kids on the Night Shift” Hannah Dreier
  • TIME “She Wasn’t Able to Get an Abortion. Now She’s a Mom. Soon She’ll Start 7th Grade.” Charlotte Alter

13. Arts Reporting

  • NBC News Digital “Black fans are finding joy and community at Dave Matthews Band shows” Char Adams
  • The New York Times “The Repatriation Reckoning” Graham Bowley, Tom Mashberg
  • Rolling Stone “How a High School Mariachi Team Triumphed in Uvalde” Julyssa Lopez

14. Business Feature

  • Air Mail “The $158 Million Question” Johanna Berkman
  • Bloomberg Businessweek The Hunt for Deep-Sea Treasure” Kit Chellel, Olivia Solon, Jonathan Browning
  • The Trace “Shoot, Don’t Kill” Ted Alcorn

15. Business Investigative Reporting

  • Insider “Exposing a Toxic Workplace” Susan Antilla
  • The New York Times “Alone and Exploited” Hannah Dreier
  • Reuters “The Musk Industrial Complex” Reuters Staff

16. Opinion Writing

  • Daily Beast “America to Families With Alzheimer’s: You’re on Your Own” Deborah Copaken
  • The New York Times “I Am the Last Barrier Between My Sister and New York City” Hilary de Vries
  • USA TODAY “Columns” Chandra Bozelko   

17. Science, Technology, Medical or Environmental Reporting

  • Bloomberg News “Bad Medicine” Bloomberg Staff
  • Newsday “Newsday investigation: Buried Secrets” Paul LaRocco
  • Reuters “The Cough Syrup Crisis” Reuters Staff
  • Scientific American “Synchronized Minds” Lydia Denworth 

18. Sports Reporting

  • The Forward “The college is Christian” Louis Keene
  • Rolling Stone “The Lost Children of Football” Alex Morris
  • The Star-Ledger Death at the Racetrack” Kevin Armstrong

19. Spot News Photo

  • Associated Press “Attack on Israel” Ohad Zwigenberg
  • Associated Press “War in Gaza” Fatima Shbair
  • Newsday “Rainbow Blaze” James Carbone

20. Feature Photo

  • Associated Press Afghanistan: Crippled by War” Ebrahim Noroozi
  • CNN These haunting underwater photos portray climate change in a new way” Nick Brandt, Catherine E. Shoichet, Davis Huber, Bernadette Tuazon, Brett Roegiers
  • Newsday “Hey Big Mouth” Randee Daddona

21. Sports Photo

  • Associated Press “Heart of Champions” Abbie Parr
  • Newsday “The Throwbacks, Vintage ‘Base Ball’ on Long Island” Thomas A. Ferrara
  • Newsday “For the Fans” J. Conrad Williams, Jr.

22. Multimedia, Interactive Graphics and Animation

  • ABC News “ABC News Digital: The Power of Water” ABC News Digital Staff
  • CNN “How the climate crisis fuels gender inequality” CNN Worldwide Staff
  • Reuters “Inside the tunnels of Gaza” Adolfo Arranz, Jonathan Saul, Stephen Farrell, Simon Scarr, Clare Trainor 

23. Digital Innovation

  • THE CITY “Mental Health in NYC Public Schools” Abigail Kramer, Sam Rabiyah, Suhail Bhat, Amy Zimmer (Chalkbeat), Scott Klein
  • CNN “How a rave celebrating life turned into a frenzied massacre” Eliza Mackintosh, Gianluca Mezzofiore, Katie Polglase, Allegra Goodwin, & CNN Worldwide Staff
  • Reuters “The Bat Lands” Reuters Staff

24. Radio or Audio Spot News Reporting

  • No Finalists

25. Radio or Audio Feature Reporting

  • Inc. Business Media “Computer Freaks” Christine Haughney Dare-Bryan, Joshua Christensen, Sofie Kodner, Nicholas Torres, James Jackman
  • NBC News Grapevine” Mike Hixenbaugh, Antonia Hylton, Frannie Kelley
  • Spectrum News NY1 “Mario Cuomo: The Last Liberal Pt. 3 Hard Times (A Special Edition of You Decide with Errol Louis)” Spectrum News NY1 Staff

26. Radio or Audio Investigative Reporting

  • Audacy Podcasts “Gone South, Season 3: The Sign Cutter” Jed Lipinski, Tom Lipinski, Jenna Weiss-Berman, Lloyd Lochridge, Chris Basil    
  • MIT Technology Review “When AI Hears a Problem” Hilke Schellmann, Jennifer Strong, Emma Cillekens, Anthony Green
  • NBC News “Letters from Sing Sing” Dan Slepian, Preeti Varathan 

27. Digital Video Reporting

  • THE CITY “Videos Show NYPD Chiefs Intervened Before Voiding of Ex-Cop’s Gun Arrest” Yoav Gonen, Jeff Basinger
  • The New York Amsterdam News “Be-Loved” Andre Lambertson, Brent Joseph, Damaso Reyes
  • The Record/ “No One Walks Alone: Clinic Escorts Shield Patients from Anti-Abortion Protestors” Anne-Marie Caruso

28. Local Television Spot News Reporting

  • Spectrum News NY1 Damaging Rain Storm” Spectrum News NY1 Staff
  • Spectrum News NY1 “Congressman George Santos is Expelled from the House of Representatives” Spectrum News NY1 Staff

29. Local Television Feature

  • Spectrum News NY1 “Baseball’s Mud Guy” Stef Manisero, Kristi Lee Neuberger, Dan Komarinetz
  • WNBC-TV “There Are No Mistakes” Michael DelGiudice, Andrew Siff
  • WPIX “It’s Amazing What You Find When You Look Down” Darren McQuade

30. Local TV Series or Investigative Reporting

  • News 12 New Jersey “Victims of the System” Walt Kane, Karin Attonito, Anthony Cocco, Audrey Gruber
  • Spectrum News NY1 “In Need of Care: Mental Illness Behind Bars” Spectrum News NY1 Staff
  • Spectrum News NY1 “In the Dark: New York’s Child Welfare Deaths” Spectrum News NY1 Staff

31. National TV Spot News Reporting

  • ABC News “ABC World News Tonight with David Muir and Nightline: Heartbreak and Hope, David Muir Reporting From Turkey” ABC World News Tonight with David Muir and Nightline
  • CBS News “CBS News: Maui Wildfires” Norah O’Donnell, Tony Dokoupil, Jonathan Vigliotti, Lilia Luciano, Ben Tracy
  • NBC News “Richard Engel Reports: Israel-Hamas War” NBC News Staff

32. National TV Feature

  • 60 Minutes “Healing and Hope” Scott Pelley Correspondent, Nicole Young Producer, Kristin Steve Associate Producer, Sean Kelly Editor, Mouaz Moustafa Field Producer
  • CBS News “Wagner – Warlords of Wealth, Inside Russia’s Mercenary Plunder of Africa” Debora Patta, Steve Berriman, Sarah Carter, Oleksandr Churkin, Abdi Cadani
  • CBS Sunday Morning “CBS Sunday Morning: Dog Mountain” Martha Teichner, Dustin Stephens, Emanuele Secci, Efrain Robles, Rand Morrison

33. National TV Series or Investigative Reporting

  • ABC News “ABC News Studios IMPACT x Nightline: On the Brink” ABC News Studios IMPACT X Nightline  
  • NBC News Digital Slaughterhouse Children” Laura Strickler, Julia Ainsley, Didi Martinez, Ala’a Ibrahim, Damia Bonmati
  • Scripps News “Scripps News Investigates: Ukraine’s Stolen Orphans” Scripps News Investigates, Jason Bellini, Linda Pattillo, Dmytro Horyevoy, Scott McGhee, Alex Brauer, Max McClellan, Steve Turnham

34. The Mosaic Award

  • ABC News “Nightline – Am I Next? Gay and Targeted in Uganda” ABC News Nightline Staff 
  • THE CITY “LGBTQ Unit Collapses at Rikers” George Joseph
  • Reuters “Slavery’s Descendants” Tom Lasseter, Donna Bryson, Tom Bergin, Nicholas P. Brown and the Reuters Staff

35. The Les Payne Award for Coverage on Communities of Color

  • CBS Sports/CBS Sports Network “CROWN” Kizzy Cox, Sarah Kazadi-Ndoye, Derwin Graham, Nancy Devaney
  • ABC News Studios IMPACT x Nightline “Never Made it Home: The Story of Tyre Nichols” Staff of IMPACT x Nightline
  • Reuters “Slavery’s Descendants” Tom Lasseter, Donna Bryson, Tom Bergin, Nicholas P. Brown and the Reuters Staff

36. Public Service Award

  • NBC News Digital “Lost Rites” Mike Hixenbaugh, Jon Schuppe, Rich Schapiro, Blayne Alexander
  • Reuters “Slavery’s Descendants” Tom Lasseter, Donna Bryson, Tom Bergin, Nicholas P. Brown and the Reuters Staff
  • Wall Street Journal “The Dark Side of Meta’s Algorithms” Jeff Horwitz, Katherine Blunt

The Deadline Club thanks all those who entered the 2024 annual awards contest, the many judges and encourages all journalists to keep up the exceptional work.

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