Deadline Club Awards 2017: The Finalists


Newspaper or Digital Beat Reporting
Conor Dougherty, New York Times, “Cramped and Costly”
Matt Egan, CNNMoney, “Wells Fargo’s Broken Culture”
Ellen Wulfhorst, Thomson Reuters Foundation, “Sex Trafficking Hits Crisis Proportions Among American Indians”
Newspaper or Digital Feature Reporting
Susan Edelman, New York Post, “Left in Trash as a Newborn”
N.R. Kleinfield, New York Times, “Fraying at the Edges”
Claire Galofaro, Associated Press, “4 Hours in Huntington: How the Heroin Epidemic Choked a City”
Newspaper or Digital Spot News Reporting
James M. O’Neill and Staff, North Jersey Media Group, “High Speed into Chaos”
Staff, Associated Press, “Orlando Shooting”
Staff,, “Hurricane Matthew”
Newspaper or Digital Enterprise Reporting
Jay Reeves, Associated Press, “At 150, KKK sees opportunity in US political trends”
Ryan McNeill, Deborah J. Nelson, Yasmeen Abutaleb, Andrew Chung, David Rohde and Benjamin Lesser, Reuters, “The Uncounted”
Kristen V. Brown, Fusion, “Genetically modified mosquitoes could wipe out the world’s most deadly viruses”
Newspaper or Digital Local News Reporting
Cezary Podkul, Marcelo Rochabrun, and Derek Kravitz, ProPublica, and Will Parker, The Real Deal, “The Rent Racket”
Sandra Peddie, Newsday, “Jockeying for Judgeships”
Sarah Ryley and Barry Paddock of New York Daily News; and Pia Dangelmayer, Christine Lee, and Andrea Hilbert of ProPublica, “Nuisance Abatement”
Reporting by a Newspaper with Circulation Under 100,000
Andrew Ford, Asbury Park Press, “Long Fall: From Top Stock Trader to Bank Robber”
Jason Grant, New York Law Journal, “Prosecutorial Misconduct”
Simi Horwitz, The Forward, “A Three-part Series on Unlikely Hasidic Women”
Reporting by Independent Digital Media
Erin Coe, Sindhu Sundar, and Max Stendahl, Law360, “Sexual Harassment and Pay Disparity in the Legal Industry”
Michael Hudson, Jake Bernstein, Alexa Olesen and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and Center for Public Integrity, “The Panama Papers”
Brandy Zadrozny, The Daily Beast, “The Pickup Artist Rape Ring”
Magazine Personal Service
Laura Beil, Ruben Chamorro, Emma Barker, and Amy Odell, Cosmopolitan, “Millions of Women Are Injured During Childbirth. Why Aren’t Doctors Diagnosing Them?”
Elizabeth O’Brien and Taylor Tepper, Money, “The High Cost of Coping”
Cybele Weisser, Kerri Anne Renzulli, Megan Leonhardt, and Elaine Pofeldt, Money, “Give Yourself a Raise”
Magazine Profile
Jeff Koyen, Crain’s New York Business, “License to grill”
Evgenia Peretz, Vanity Fair, “Fox’s first lady”
Bianca Bosker, The Atlantic, “The binge breaker”
Magazine Investigative Reporting
Jordan Robertson, Michael Riley, and Andrew Willis, Bloomberg Businessweek, “How to Hack an Election”
Sharon Guynup and Steve Winter, National Geographic, “Tiger Temple”
Shaun Assael, Brett Forrest, and Vivek Chaudhary, ESPN the Magazine, “The FBI vs FIFA”
Magazine Feature Reporting
Kiera Feldman, Harpers, “With Child: The Right to Choose in Rapid City”
Abigail Pesta, Cosmopolitan, “Three Young Women, Killed. Why Do Some People Say It Was All a Hoax?”
Josh Sanburn, Time, “The Poisoning of an American City”
Headline Writing
Nicholas Varchaver, Fortune, “Free Bird”
David Crawshaw, Wall Street Journal, “India Detains Pigeons as Authorities Fret Over Risk of a Coo”
Paul Dyer, Wall Street Journal, “Lights, Camera, Redaction: China Sets New Rules for Filmmakers”
Arts Reporting
Milton Esterow, Vanity Fair, “The Battle for Picasso’s Multi-Billion-Dollar Empire”
Allan M. Jalon, The Forward, “How We Found Paul Newman’s Lost Masterpiece”
Kelly Crow, Wall Street Journal, “The $3 Billion Family Art Feud”
Sports Reporting
Ben Reiter, Sports Illustrated, “The Kid’s in the Hall”
John Branch, New York Times, “Why Steve Kerr Sees Life Beyond the Court”
Kevin Armstrong, New York Daily News, “The Courts of Kings”
Business Feature
Matt Drange and Ryan Mac, Forbes, “A Billionaire’s Blueprint for Killing an Enemy”
Nelson D. Schwartz, New York Times, “Can Trump Save Their Jobs? They’re Counting On It”
Tim McLaughlin, Reuters. “How the Owners of Fidelity Get Richer at Everyday Investors’ Expense”
Business Investigative Reporting
Martha Mendoza and Margie Mason, Associated Press, “Exploited in Paradise”
David Ingold and Spencer Soper, Bloomberg Businessweek, “Is the Everything Store for Everyone?”
Matt Herper and Michela Tindera, Forbes, “Pain and Gain”
Science, Technology, Medical or Environmental Reporting
Geoff Mulvihill and Matthew Perrone, Associated Press, and Liz Essley Whyte and Ben Wieder, Center for Public Integrity, “Politics of Pain”
M.B. Pell and Joshua Schneyer, Reuters, “Unsafe At Any Level”
Scott Waldman, Politico, “Hoosick Falls Confronts Poisoned Wells”
Opinion Writing
Susanna Schrobsdorff, Time
Brittney Cooper, Cosmopolitan
Timothy L. O’Brien, Bloomberg View
Spot News Photo
Marcus Santos, New York Daily News, “The Naked City”
Burhan Ozbilici, Associated Press, “Turkey: An Assassination”
James Keivom, New York Daily News, “Trump Tower Climber Grab”
Feature Photo
Holly Bailey, Yahoo News, “Donald Trump’s America”
Aristide Economopoulos, NJ Advance Media, “Characters of an American Political Spectacle”
Felipe Dana, Associated Press, “Brazil: Living with Zika”
Sports Photo
Multimedia, Interactive Graphics, and Animation
Aryn Baker and Lynsey Addario, Time, “The Only One God Left Alive”
Nikhil Sonnad, Keith Collins, David Yanofsky, Joon Ian Wong, and Christopher Groskopf, Quartz, “Map of the Internet” 
Youyou Zhou, Phil Holm, Trenton Daniel, Heidi Morrow, Francois Duckett, Roque Ruiz, Jaime Holguin, and Eric Carvin, Associated Press, “Divided America”
Digital Innovation
John Osborn D’Agostino and Tiffany Lew, The Hechinger Report, “Parachuted In an American public school”
Al Shaw and Jeff Larson, ProPublica, Neena Satija, Kiah Collier, and Ryan Murphy, Texas Tribune, “Hell and High Water”
Dan Silver, Xana O’Neill, Jon Williams, Ronnie Polidoro, Rym Momtaz, Evan Simon, Luis Yordan, Meghan Keneally, Andrew VanWickler, Suzanne Dacunto, Alyssa Bernstein Steve Hsu, and James Berry, ABC News, and Dalibor Talajic, Miroslav Mrva, Charles Beacham, Emily Shaw, Rickey Purdin, Tim Smith 3, Axel Alonso, John Cerelli, and Dan Buckley, Marvel, “Madaya Mom”
Radio or Audio Reporting
Robert Lewis and David Lewis, WNYC, “NYPD, Inc.”
Jami Floyd, Richard Yeh, and Patricia Willens, Wayne Shulmister, WNYC, “School Integration 2.0: When Doors to a School Don’t Feel Open to Everyone”
George Bodarky, WFUV, “Where Richard Becomes Bianca: Inside Miss Vera’s Finishing School”
Digital Video Reporting
Melanie Bencosme and Jake Heller, NBC News Digital, “If Felons Could Vote”
Julia Saenz, Camila Cibilis, Mariela Weber, Esteban Corte, Gerardo Martinez, Pedro Samper, Fermin Gonzalez, and Tianna Harvey, Fusion, “Bold”
Staff, Newsday, “Street Racer: Culture Of Speed on Long Island”
Television Spot News Reporting
Cynthia McFadden, Bill Arkin, Ken Dilanian, Kevin Monahan, Robert Windrem, Mark Schone, Josh Meyer, Tom Winter, Robert Dembo, Richard Greenberg, and Sam Singal, NBC News, “Hacking Democracy”
Charlie Mclravy, Colum Ward, and Scott Phillips, Inside Edition, “Sucker Punched”
Staff, ABC News, “Nightclub Massacre: Terror in Orlando”
Television Feature
Dan Harris, Adam Desiderio, Shilpi Gupta, Jackie Pou, Neil Sass, Michael Darlington, Esther Castillejo, Jenna Millman, Roxanna Sherwood, ABC News Nightline, “Gangland”
Ronan Farrow, Rich McHugh, Noah Oppenheim, Tom Mazzarelli, Richard Greenberg, Richard Esposito, Robert Dembo, Mark Schone, Susannah Frame, Jim Murphy, NBC News, “America’s Chernobyl”
David Muir, Nick Capote, Almin Karamehmedovic, Roxanna Sherwood, Jenna Millman, Sally Hawkins, Nicole Swink and Laura Coburn, ABC News World News Tonight with David Muir and Nightline, “Flashpoint: Refugees in America”
Television Series or Investigative Reporting
Brian Ross, James Gordon Meek, Megan Christie, Brian Epstein, Rhonda Schwartz, Marc Dorian, Matt McGarry, Engin Bass, Randy Kreider, Lee Ferran, Alexander Hosenball, Cho Park, Esther Castillejo, Shilpi Gupta, Abhinav Bhat, Gina Pampinella, Jack Pyle, Miguel Sancho, and David Sloan, ABC News 20/20: Brian Ross Investigates: “The Girl Left Behind”
Tara Rosenblum, Alan Flamenhaft, and Stan Kowalski, News12 Westchester, “K2: Fake Drug, Real Horror”
Mariana Van Zeller, Darren Foster, Cristina Costantini, Connie Fossi, Natasha Del Toro, Roberto Daza, Keith Summa, and Nina Alvarez, Fusion, “Naked Truth: Death by Fentanyl”
Daniel Pearl Prize for investigative reporting
Selam Gebrekidan, Stephen Grey and Amina Ismail, Reuters, “The Migration Machine”
John Carreyrou, Christopher Weaver, and Michael Siconolfi, Wall Street Journal, “The Downfall of Theranos”
Michael Hudson, Jake Bernstein, Alexa Olesen and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and Center for Public Integrity, “The Panama Papers”
Minority Focus
Sarah Ryley and Barry Paddock of New York Daily News; and Pia Dangelmayer, Christine Lee, and Andrea Hilbert of ProPublica, “Nuisance Abatement”
Staff, Mic, “Unerased: Counting Transgender Lives”
Jeff Chu and Timothy Meinch, Medium, “Faith in LGBTQ Uganda”
Public Service
Michael Hudson, Jake Bernstein, Alexa Olesen and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and Center for Public Integrity, “The Panama Papers”
Seth Freed Wessler, The Nation and The Investigative Fund, “Dying in Private Prisons”
Rachel Rabkin-Peachman, Joel Keehn, Sandy Keenan, and Lisa McGiffert, Consumer Reports, “What You Don’t Know About Your Doctor Could Hurt You”

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