Slate of Candidates for the 2018 Deadline Club board

The following slate of candidates for the Deadline Club Board of Governors and Professional Council has been approved by the Board for submission herewith to the full membership for consideration, in compliance with the Club bylaws, in advance of the election by the membership Wednesday, Nov. 29. The election will be held during the Chapter’s annual Holiday Party.

All nominations are contingent upon the candidates’ membership in good standing, that is, up to date with National and Chapter dues.  If you are a candidate who is not up to date with dues, you need to remedy this before the election by calling National SPJ’s membership chair, with credit card in hand, at 317-927-8000.

To vote on Nov. 29, you must be a professional member of SPJ and the Chapter, in good standing regarding both National and Local dues.  Repair this, if needed, as above.

Professional associations listed on the slate below are from latest Chapter records.  If you are a candidate whose association information needs updating, please email that information to Michael Arena at by Tuesday, Nov. 28, for inclusion on the ballot and proper listing on the Chapter website and in the Awards Dinner program

At a Glance:

What: SPJ/Deadline Club Holiday Gala & Elections
When: Wednesday, November 29, 6-9 p.m.
Where: Papillon Bistro, Burgundy Room (second floor), 22 E. 54th St. between Madison & Fifth Aves.


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