Our fight at the frontlines of upholding journalism.

First Amendment Advocacy

The Deadline Club and the Society of Professional Journalists are ardent protectors of the First Amendment and the right granted to journalists to exercise freedom of the press.

Learn more about the national efforts to support press freedom here. Locally, the Deadline Club has been involved in numerous journalism advocacy efforts in New York City.

If you are a working journalist in the New York City area and believe your access to cover an event has been restricted or denied—or you have witnessed such interference—click HERE to contact us. We’ll keep your identity confidential if you prefer.

The Club also sponsors First Amendment events throughout the year, including workshops about filing Freedom of Information requests both nationally and in New York State.

Learn about SPJ’s legal defense fund and how to apply for assistance.

The Deadline Club echoes the Society of Professional Journalists and other media organizations’ call for college administration and law enforcement to not impede college journalists reporting on the protests.

Student journalists have been covering their campuses from the very beginning, helping keep the public informed. They should be afforded the same respect and rights as other established media outlets.

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