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Saturday, November 6, 3:30 p.m.

Pioneering Muckraking Tour of NYC Journalism History + Happy Hour

Discover the history of New York City journalism you never knew with the Deadline Club’s upcoming walking tour, followed by an outdoor happy hour at storied downtown pubs in lower Manhattan. We’ll walk the once blood-soaked, ink-stained sites of Gotham’s journalistic past, travelling in the footsteps of Benjamin Franklin, Nelly Bly and Alexander Hamilton, among many others.

Featured past event

The Alarming World of Deepfakes: When Audio and Video Isn’t Real

From presidential press briefings to eyewitness accounts of a house fire, journalists and our audiences routinely rely on remotely gathered and transmitted audio and video to verify what people say and do. But the ability to digitally manipulate faces, voices and scenes – known as deepfake technology – has now evolved to the point where it is virtually impossible to tell a fake from the genuine article. The real-life consequences are only starting to become apparent. An expert panel discussed deepfakes, which raise big questions on what is real online. The challenge: How to verify what we see and hear?