2012 Annual Awards Judges

Once again, the awards were judged at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in Times Square. The Deadline Club wishes to thank CUNY for the generous donation of its space, and the following journalism professionals who judged this year’s competition:

John Affleck
Matthieu Aikins
Bob Anthony
Michael Arena
Irwin Arieff
Betsy Ashton
Rebecca Baker
Rich Barbieri
Kelly Bare
Meredith Berlin
Gabrielle Birkner
Shira Boss
Beth Canipe
Tony Carnes
Rebecca Castillo
Allan Chernoff
Jonathan Dahl
Trevor Delaney
Colin DeVries
Laura Dolan
David Drimer
Lisa Duchin
Steve Dunlop
Bill Egbert
Emily Epstein
Vivienne Foley
Josie Glausiusz
Howard Goldberg
David Goldiner
Glenn Hall
Jere Hester
Melissa Heule
Nick Hirshon
Joab Jackson
Nick Judd
Pamela Kawi
Janice Kirkel
Ron Leir
Allison Leopold
John Long
Laura Lorber
Tami Luhby
Maureen Mackey
Rick Maiman
John Mantel
Don Mazzella
Brandon McCoy
Ashley Milne-Tyte
Dick Mooney
Anjali Mullany
Roxie Munro
Jo Anne Murphy
Kemi Osukoya
Dave Pinke
Mark Prendergast
Gerit Quealy
Meghan Rafferty
Ned Rauch
Claire Regan
Andrea Renault
Alberto Riva
Matt Rivera
Tom Robbins
Ernie Sadashige
Jane Sasseen
Jessica Seigel
Stacey Smith
Rosalie Stemer
James Stepleton
Lil Swanson
Peter Szekely
J. Alex Tarquinio
John Timmer
Sandra Upson
Lam Thuy Vo
Polly Whittell
Elizabeth Willen
Abi Wright
Ellen Wulfhorst
Bo Zaunders

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