2022 Awards Program Committee

Awards Dinner Chair

James Martinez

Awards Contest Chair

Kimberly Chin

Awards Master of Ceremony

Betsy Ashton

Awards Committee

Vanessa Alvarez, Dan Axelrod, Allan Chernoff, Emma Cillekens, Tricia Couture, Anastasia Economides, John Long, Chris Maag, Jane Martinez, Anna Medaris Miller, Daniel Roberts, Alex Tarquinio, Julie Walker, Polly Whittell

Scholarship Committee

Frank Posillico, Katina Paron, Cesar Bustamante, Vanessa Alvarez 

Contest Coordinator

Christine Paige Diers

Audiovisual Presentation

Chris Maag, Cesar Bustamante

Robert Greenman Award Committee

Katina Paron, Frank Posillico, Peter Szekely

Greenman Award Video

Daniel Santiago, Frank Posillico


Alex Wolz


Gloria Wood


David Smith


Marcus Beasley


BiB Media

Cocktail Reception Music

Bob Dawson, pianist


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