Awards Winners and Finalists Presented in 2009

The Deadline Club is pleased to announce the winners in the 2009 Annual Awards Contest, which honors excellence in journalism in 2008. The Awards recognize the best in New York area journalism – printed, broadcast or otherwise distributed. Winners were announced at the Annual Awards Dinner at the historic Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on Tuesday, May 19, 2009. The evening featured a keynote address by Bill Keller, Executive Editor of The New York Times.

Newspapers and Wire Services

1. The Daniel Pearl Award for Investigative Reporting

· David Barstow, The New York Times, “Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand”

· Walt Bogdanich, Andrew W. Lehren, Robert A. McDonald, Nicholas Phillips, Duff Wilson, The New York Times, Long Island Rail Road disability payments to retirees
· Fredric U. Dicker, New York Post, New York state police scandal

2. Beat Reporting

· Jonathan M. Katz, The Associated Press, Haiti’s poverty

· Jennifer Sinco Kelleher, Newsday, School lunch programs
· Michael M. Phillips, The Wall Street Journal, American soldiers in Afghanistan

3. Feature Reporting

· Deborah Sontag, The New York Times, “Immigrants Deported, by U.S. Hospitals”

· Sharon Cohen, The Associated Press, “The Long Haul: Stories of American Soldiers in Iraq”
· Mei Fong, The Wall Street Journal, China earthquake coverage


Circulation over 100,000

4. Spot News Reporting

· Carrick Mollenkamp, Susanne Craig, Serena Ng, Aaron Lucchetti, Matthew Karnitschnig, Dan Fitzpatrick, Deborah Solomon, Dennis K. Berman, Liam Pleven, Peter Lattman, The Wall Street Journal, “Crisis on Wall Street as Lehman Totters, Merrill Is Sold, AIG Seeks to Raise Cash”

· Amir Efrati, Tom Lauricella, Dionne Searcey, Peter Lattman, Robert Frank, Jason Zweig, The Wall Street Journal, Madoff scheme coverage
· Larry McShane, Michael Daly, Rich Schapiro, Kerry Burke, Dorian Block, Greg B. Smith, Jonathan Lemire, Christina Boyle, Tanyanika Samuels, Edgar Sandoval, Alison Gendar, Kate Lucadamo, Elizabeth Hays, Brendan Brosh, John Lauinger, Adam Nichols, New York Daily News, “Crane Disaster”

5. Reporting

· Nathaniel Popper, The Forward, Coverage of problems in the kosher industry

· Greg Alvarez, Michael Becheck, Emma Dumain, Mark Stein, Glenn Nyback, Claire Regan, Staten Island Advance, “Call a Cab, Take a Chance”


Includes magazines with general circulations, magazine sections of newspapers and Sunday supplements.

6. News, Series or Investigative Reporting

· Allen T. Cheng, Jo Wrighton, Loch Adamson, Institutional Investor, “Sovereign Wealth Funds”

· Bryan Burrough, Vanity Fair, “Bringing Down Bear Stearns”
· Philippe Sands, Vanity Fair, “The Green Light”

7. Feature Reporting

· Michael Lewis, Vanity Fair, “Commie Ball”

· Richard Behar, Fast Company, “China Storms Africa”
· Christian Parenti, Playboy, “Our Battles Joined”


8. Web News Exclusive

· Bob Rosato, Damian Strohmeyer, Peter Read Miller, Robert Beck, John W. McDonough, John Biever, John Iacono, Heinz Kluetmeier, Al Tielemans, John Blackmar,, “Super Bowl XLII”

9. News Blog

· Rod Nordland,, “Zimbabwe: An Underground Diary”


· Andrew Romano,, “Stumper”
· David Welch, David Kiley, Ian Rowley,, Auto industry

10. Multimedia Presentation

· Siobhan Dooley, Rukmini Callimachi, Jaime Holguin, Nicolas Rapp, Amanda Barrett, Bradley Klapper, The Associated Press, “Child Trafficking in Africa: Thousands of Children at Work”

· Christopher Dickey, Lee Wang, Seamus Murphy, Ira Spitzer, Jessica Bloustein, Imani Cheers, Xaquín González Veira, Jon Groat, Karsten Moran, Kathy Jones,, “Southern Discomfort”
· Francois Duckett, Sean McDade, Merrill Sherman, Jae Hong, The Associated Press, “The Long Haul: Stories from the Longest Deployment on the Ground”
· Karen Zraick, Lam Thuy Vo, Divya Gupta,, “From Burma to New York”

Specialized Writing

Open to newspapers, magazines, wire services, Web sites.

11. Arts Reporting

· Kurt Andersen, Vanity Fair, “From Mao to Wow”


· Nancy Jo Sales, Vanity Fair, “The Golden Suicides”
· Joel Stein, Time, “Guess Who Came to Dinner?”

12. Business Feature

· Diana B. Henriques, The New York Times, “Madoff Scheme Kept Rippling Outward, Crossing Borders”
· Kate Kelly, The Wall Street Journal, “The Fall of Bear Stearns”

· Loch Adamson, Institutional Investor, “Being Kieran Prior”

· Richard McGill Murphy, Fortune Small Business, “Jihad or Jobs?”

13. Business News, Series or Investigative Reporting

· Brian Grow, Keith Epstein, Chi-Chu Tschang, Ben Elgin, Cliff Edwards, Brian Burnsed, BusinessWeek, “Cyber War”


· Peter Coy, Mara Der Hovanesian, BusinessWeek, Housing market coverage
· Julie Creswell, Eric Dash, Peter S. Goodman, Gretchen Morgenson, The New York Times, “The Reckoning”

· William Sherman, New York Daily News, Real estate swindles

14. Opinion Writing

· Anne Kadet, SmartMoney, “The Lab Rats Next Door,” “Our Cups Runneth Over,” “Time to Bury Your Cash?”

· Michael Wolff, Vanity Fair
· Fareed Zakaria, Newsweek

15. Science, Technology, Medical or Environmental Reporting

· Michael Grunwald, Time, “The Clean Energy Myth”


· Arik Hesseldahl,, “Unconnected America”
· Angie C. Marek, SmartMoney, “Peddling Pills”

16. Sports Reporting

· Tom Verducci, Sports Illustrated, “It’s Gone! Goodbye!”


· Michael Lewis, Vanity Fair, “Commie Ball”
· Chuck Salter, Fast Company, “The Most Valuable Player in Sports is…this Doctor”

Photography and Graphics

Open to all newspapers, wire services and magazines.

17. Spot News Photo


· Shaul Schwarz, Getty Images for Newsweek, “Wreckage of a Democracy”

· Alan Chin for Newsweek, “China’s Tears”
· Tim Hetherington, Vanity Fair, “Into the Valley of Death”

18. Feature Photo

· Eugene Richards, Newsweek, “No One Much Cares”


· Charles Ommanney, Getty Images for Newsweek, “Obama on the Trail”
· Shaul Schwarz, Getty Images for Newsweek, “Bloodshed on the Border”
· Tim Walker, Vanity Fair, “England Made Them”

19. Sports Photo

· Vincent Laforet for Newsweek, “Divers”


· Scott Heppell, The Associated Press, “Aerial Feat”
· Heinz Kluetmeier, Sports Illustrated, Michael Phelps finish

20. Information Graphic

No Finalists

21. Page Design

· Claire Regan, Staten Island Advance, “America’s Historic Vote”


Open to radio and satellite networks, and local stations. Original programs may be edited down to the required length.

22. Spot News Reporting

No Entries

23. General Reporting

· Sara Fishko, WNYC Radio, “Cliburn Takes Moscow”


Open to broadcast and cable-television networks, and local stations. Original programs may be edited down to the required length.

24. Spot News Reporting

No Finalists

25. Feature Reporting

· William Weinbaum, Tom Rinaldi, Kimberly Molloy, Andre Ninchritz, Tim Hays, Dwayne Bray, Craig Lazarus, Vince Doria, Anne Hollenbeck, Simon Baumgart, ESPN, Outside the Lines: “The Lyman Bostock Tragedy”


· Allan Chernoff, Jessica Kelly, Aspen Steib, CNN, “Suicide Attempt Survivor”
· Lisa LaRocca, Paul Simone, Eric Leeds, News 12 Westchester, “New Surgery, New Hope”

26. Series or Investigative Reporting

· Matt Meagher, Charles McLravy, Marissa Yaremich, Filip Kapsa, Bob Read, Charles Lachman, Inside Edition, “Congressional Travel”

· Brian Conybeare, Eric Leeds, News 12 Westchester, “Raceway Casino Probe”
· Barbara Nevins Taylor, Chris O’Donoghue, Ed Lopez, Roy Isen, Paul Tsakos, Jonathan Weaver, Brian Kartagener, WWOR-TV, My 9 News, “Medicaid Fraud”

27. Business Reporting

· Matt Meagher, Cindi Galli, Charles McLravy, Bob Read, Charles Lachman, Inside Edition, “Craftmatic Beds”

· Allan Chernoff, Bonnie Druker, CNN, “Iowa Flooding”
· Matt Meagher, Ned Berkowitz, Scott Phillips, Filip Kapsa, Bob Read, Charles Lachman, Inside Edition, “Cash 4 Gold”

Omnibus Awards

For all media.

28. Minority Focus

· Gary Fields, The Wall Street Journal, “Communities Pay Price of High Prison Rate,” “Violence Roils Black Funeral Parlors,” “Learning (and Succeeding) on Jump Street”

· Veronika Belenkaya, New York Daily News, “Robbing Cradles For Their New Blood”
· Jessica Bennett, Jennifer Molina, Carl Sullivan,, “Gay Rights 2.0”

29. Public Service Award


· Jeff Donn, Martha Mendoza, Justin Pritchard, The Associated Press, “PharmaWater”

· Donald L. Barlett, James B. Steele, Vanity Fair, “Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear”
· Nathaniel Popper, J.J. Goldberg, The Forward, Coverage of problems in the kosher industry

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