Awards Winners and Finalists Presented in 2011

The Deadline Club is pleased to announce the winners in the 2011 Annual Awards Contest, which honors excellence in journalism in 2010. The Awards recognize the best in New York area journalism – printed, broadcast or otherwise distributed. Winners were announced at the Annual Awards Dinner at the historic Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, held on Monday, May 16, 2011. The evening featured a conversation with Tina Brown, Editor-in-Chief of Newsweek and The Daily Beast, and Keith Kelly, the Media Ink Columnist at the New York Post.

Here are the winners and finalists:

Newspapers and Wire Services

1. The Daniel Pearl Award for Investigative Reporting

· Winner: Staff, The New York Times, “The War Logs/State Secrets”
· Justin Pritchard, Associated Press, “Kids and Cadmium: Dangers Exposed”
· Staff, The Wall Street Journal, “On the Inside”

2. Beat Reporting

· Winner: Jon Hilsenrath, The Wall Street Journal
· Alfonso Castillo, Newsday
· Martin Evans, Newsday

3. Feature Reporting

· Winner: Amy Ellis Nutt and Andre Malok, The Star-Ledger, “The Wreck of the Lady Mary”
· Helen O’Neill, Associated Press, “Informants for Feds Face Deportation,”
· Deborah Sontag, The New York Times, “Haiti’s Anguish”

4. Spot News Reporting

· Winner: Jonathan Katz, Associated Press, “Haiti”
· Ben Casselman, Russell Gold and Angel Gonzalez, The Wall Street Journal, “Blast Jolts Oil World”
· Staff, New York Post, “Horror End: Death at SoHo House”

5. Enterprise Reporting

· Winner: Chris Hawley, Associated Press, “Gangs Buy Jets for Trans-Atlantic Flights”
· Susan Edelman, New York Post, “Lawyer Loan Gouges 9/11 Crews”
· Sandra Peddie, Newsday, “When Family Business Meets County Business: Is It Our Business? Inside Steve Levy’s Financial Disclosure Tug-of-War”

6. Local News Reporting

· Winner: Metro Desk, The New York Times, “The Patterson Mess”
· Ralph Gardner Jr., The Wall Street Journal, “Urban Gardener” column
· Christopher Gray, The New York Times, “Streetscapes” column


Circulation under 100,000

7. Reporting

· Winner: Josh Nathan-Kazis, The Forward, “The Cost of Belonging”
· John Annese, Staten Island Advance, “Painkiller Scourge”
· Ben Rubin, Rebecca Baker and Richard Liebson, The Journal News, “Mayor Adam Bradley Scandal”


Includes magazines with general circulations, magazine sections of newspapers and Sunday supplements.

8. News, Series or Investigative Reporting

· Winner: Joshua Kors, The Nation, “Disposable Soldiers”
· Peter King, Tim Layden, David Epstein, L. Jon Wertheim, Farrell Evans, Sports Illustrated, “Concussions”
· Neil Parmar, SmartMoney, “Too Close for Comfort” 

9. Feature Reporting

· Winner: Gary Smith, Sports Illustrated, “Gareth Thomas . . . The Only Openly Gay Male Athlete”
· Elizabeth O’Brien, SmartMoney, “Pulling Strings”
· Sarah Garland, The Hechinger Report, “Big Gains in the Big Apple”· William Langewiesche, Vanity Fair, “The Distant Executioner” 


10. Online Spot News Reporting

· Winner: Staff, New York Post, “Madoff Suicide”
· Allan Dodds Frank, The Daily Beast, Madoff breaking news coverage
· Jamie Schram and Clemente Lisi, New York Post, Alec Baldwin pill threat 

11. Online Enterprise Reporting

· Winner: Kristina Cooke, Pedro da Costa, Emily Flitter, Thomson Reuters, “The Ties that Bind at the Federal Reserve”
· Conchita Sarnoff, The Daily Beast, “Jeffrey Epstein: Legal Justice?”
· Ian Urbina, Vanity Fair, “Get Kony”  

12. Multimedia, Interactive Graphics and Animation

· Winner: Staff, Associated Press, “Gulf Oil Spill”
· Jessica Bennett, Monica Parra, Cara Phillips, Kathy Jones, Susanna Schrobsdorff,, “The Beauty Advantage”
· Staff, Associated Press, “Haitian Earthquake”  

13. Online Navigation and Presentation

No finalists.  

14. Online Digital Video

· Winner: Shaul Schwarz, Julie Platner, Craig Duff and Kira Pollack,, “Breach of Faith”
· Chris Peacock, Lex Harris, Caleb Silver and Rich Barbieri, CNNMoney, “America’s Foreclosure Crisis”
· Brian Quist, Vanity Fair, “The Case of the Vanishing Blonde”  

15. Mobile Application

· Winner: TIME Staff, TIME iPad app
· Staff, New York Post app 

Specialized Writing

Open to newspapers, magazines, wire services, Web sites.

16. Arts Reporting

· Winner: William D. Cohan, ARTNews, “A Controversy Over Degas”
· Kelly Crow, The Wall Street Journal, Art Market Coverage
· Joshua Furst, The Forward, “Al Pacino’s Pain: Shakespeare in the Park’s ‘Merchant of Venice’ Touches a Deep, Dark Nerve”  

17. Business Feature

· Winner: Bryan Burrough, Vanity Fair, “What’s Eating Steve Cohen”
· Anne Kadet, SmartMoney, “Looking for One Last Job”
· Peter Robison, Asjylyn Loder and Alan Bjerga, Bloomberg Businessweek, “Amber Waves of Pain”  

18. Business News, Series or Investigative Reporting

· Winner: Michael Lewis, Vanity Fair, “Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds”
· Amanda Bennett, Bloomberg Businessweek, “The End of Life”
Staff, The Wall Street Journal, “On the Inside”  

19. Opinion Writing

· Winner: Jane Eisner, The Forward
· Paul LaMonica, CNN Money
· Anne Michaud, Newsday
· James Wolcott, Vanity Fair  

20. Science, Technology, Medical or Environmental Reporting

· Winner: David Epstein, Sports Illustrated, “Sports Genes”
· Doug Podolsky, Consumer Reports, “Deadly Infections”
· Ernest Scheyder, Reuters, “Waiter, There’s a Potential Carcinogen in My Soup”
· Abby Ellin, Salon, “Lasik’s Blurry Vision”  

21. Sports Reporting

· Winner: Michael Schmidt, The New York Times, “The Dominican Pipeline”
· Jason Gay, The Wall Street Journal, “The Couch”
· Staff, Sports Illustrated, “The Hangover” 

Photography and Graphics

Open to all newspapers, wire services and magazines.

22. Spot News Photo

· Winner: “Oiled,” Charlie Riedel, Associated Press
· “Sister in Mourning,” Altaf Qadri, Associated Press
· “Saved” Eric Stringer, New York Daily News  

23. Feature Photo

· Winner: Walter Iooss Jr., Sports Illustrated, “10 for 10”
· Rodrigo Abd, Associated Press, “Eruption”
· Kevin Frayer, Associated Press, “Faces of War”  

24. Sports Photo

· Winner: “Olympic Skier,” Mike Powell, Sports Illustrated
· “American Luger,” Simon Bruty, Sports Illustrated
· “NCAA Basketball,” John W McDonough, Sports Illustrated  

25. Page Design

· Winner: Claire Regan, Staten Island Advance, “One Island Indivisible”

Radio and Audio

Open to radio and satellite networks, local stations and digital news organizations. Original programs may include podcasts and may be edited to the required length.

26. General Reporting

· Winner: Sara Fishko, Karen Frillman and Wayne Shulmister, WNYC, “Robin Hood”
· Kurt Andersen, Amanda Aronczyk and David Krasnow, WNYC, “American Icons: Monticello”
· Kathleen Horan, WNYC, “Relief in Short Supply for City’s Taxi Drivers” 


Open to broadcast and cable television networks, and local stations. Original programs may be edited down to the required length.

27. Spot News Reporting

· Winner: Kristin Thorne, Tara Rosenblum, Jack Kearney, Marc Blumenthal, News 12 Westchester, “Mayor Adam Bradley Arrested”
· Staff, News 12 Long Island, “Dead Whale Washes Ashore”
· Lidia Ujkaj-Reporter, Alan Flamenhaft, Doug Pawlikowski, News 12 Westchester, “Bengal Tire Fire”  

28. Feature Reporting

· Winner: Allan Chernoff, Mark Marchione and Tom Mucchio, CNN, “Hummer Fever”
· Tara Rosenblum and Kenney Pelczar, News 12 Westchester, “Wanda Wants Work”
· Carol Silva and David Garden, News 12 Long Island, “The Boys of Summer”
· Andrew Siff and Michael DelGiudice, WNBC-TV, “Liquid Gold”  

29. Series or Investigative Reporting

· Winner: Josh Robin, NY1, Coverage of New York Gubernatorial Race
· Allan Chernoff, CNN, “Toxic Airplane Air”
· Carolyn Rowe, Alan Flamenhaft, Justin Barbo, News 12 Hudson Valley, “Marine’s New Mission” 

Omnibus Awards

For all media.

30. Minority Focus

· Winner: Jarrett Murphy, Colin Lanton and Anthony Smyrski, City Limits, “Black Depression”
· Ailsa Chang, WNYC Radio, “Disability Groups Suing MTA Over Transit Cuts”
· Deborah Sontag, The New York Times, “Haiti’s Anguish”  

31. Public Service Award

· Winner: Alan Schwarz, The New York Times, “Concussions”
· Patrick Arden, Adi Talwar, Anthony Smyrski and Jarrett Murphy, City Limits, “A Risky Play”
· Ralph Blumenthal, Marie Claire, “Still Waiting After All These Years: The Dangerous Rise in Untested Rape Kits”
· Joshua Kors, The Nation, “Disposable Soldiers”

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