Navigating Your Next Steps as a Mid-Career Journalist​

Navigating Your Next Steps as a Mid-Career Journalist

Mid-career journalists have “paid their dues,” mastered listicle and breaking-news assignments, and developed expertise. They know proper grammar and avoid cliches; they may have served as writers and editors; and they’ve worked their way up the ladder — or around the increasingly small media block.

So what’s next? How can reporters and editors with a decade or so of experience avoid stagnation and make their next move in a turbulent and fast-paced industry? When do they know it’s time to change publications, leave the business, or make their own way in book-writing, teaching or freelancing? And when is it OK to reject the hustle and “settle” on contentment?

In this February 16 talk moderated by the Deadline Club’s Anna Medaris from Insider’s Manhattan headquarters, editorial experts and recruiters — including NBC talent recruiter Ali Stelzer, editorial recruiter and founder of The Talent Fairy Chandra Turner, author and “The Root” deputy editor Tatsha Robertson, and URL Media CEO S. Mitra Kalita — answered these questions and more.

Special thanks to Insider’s operations and media studios teams, and to Ryan Lynch and James Cronin.

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