The Deadline Club Awards 2022 Finalists

The following are the finalists in the 2022 Deadline Club Awards contest. Winners will be announced at the annual Deadline Club Awards on Thursday, May 12.

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1. Newspaper or Digital Beat Reporting

Agnel Phillip, Agnes Chang, Andrew Ford, and Jeff Kao, Asbury Park Press and ProPublica, “GILDED BADGES: How New Jersey Cops Profit from Police Unions and Avoid Accountability”

Mike Hixenbaugh and Antonia Hylton, NBC News Digital, “The Critical Race Theory Battle in Southlake, Texas”

Matt Day and Spencer Soper, Bloomberg, “Amazon’s Machine Bosses

2. Newspaper or Digital Feature Reporting

Anna Wilde Mathews, The Wall Street Journal, “The Pandemic Didn’t Unfold How Dr. Christine Hancock Expected”

Erin Einhorn, Olivia Lewis, Jiachuan Wu, Christine Nguyen and Matthew Kwiecinski, NBC News Digital and BridgeDetroit, “Built to Keep Black from White”

Radley Balko, The Intercept, “Big Trouble in Little Rock: A Reformist Black Police Chief Faces an Uprising of the Old Guard”

3. Newspaper or Digital Spot News Reporting

Bobby Caina Calvan, David Porter, Jennifer Peltz and Michael Rubinkam, The Associated Press, “Ida’s Deadly Aftermath”

Thomas Gryta, The Wall Street Journal, “The End of GE as We Know It”

4. Newspaper or Digital Enterprise Reporting

Chris D’Angelo, HuffPost, “There Are Massive Chemical Dumps In The Gulf We Know Almost Nothing About”

Colin Lecher and Maddy Varner, The Markup, “NYC’s School Algorithms Cement Segregation. This Data Shows How”

Jim Baumbach, Paul LaRocco, Sandra Peddie, David M. Schwartz and Jeffrey Basinger, Newsday, “Policing on LI”

5. Newspaper or Digital Local News Reporting

Alex Zimmerman, Amy Zimmer, Christina Veiga and Reema Amin, Chalkbeat, “The Impact of Remote Learning in NYC”

Amy Julia Harris, The New York Times, “Profiting Off the Homeless”

Maurizio Guerrero, Documented, “Construction Deaths”

6. Reporting by Newspaper with a Circulation Under 100,000

Brian PJ Cronin, The Highlands Current, “Sundown at Indian Point”

Kayla Canne, Asbury Park Press, “’We Don’t Take That:’ How the Government Created Illegal Discrimination Against Low-Income Tenants”

Maya Kaufman, Crain’s New York Business, “Out For Blood”

7. Reporting by Independent Digital Media

Ann Givens, The Trace and The 19th, “When Protective Orders Don’t Protect”

Emmanuel Martinez, Lauren Kirchner and Malena Carollo, The Markup, “Denied”

Peter Keating, The Bond Buyer, “Build What Better? The Future of Infrastructure”

8. Magazine Personal Service

Elizabeth Kiefer, Cosmopolitan Magazine, “The No-Bullsh*t, Not-Scary, Actually Helpful Guide to Egg Freezing”

Staff, Newsday, “Newsday FeedMe’s Top 100 Restaurants on Long Island”

Susan Shapiro, Tablet Magazine, “Twelve Steps of Forgiveness: How Can You Forgive Someone Who Hasn’t Apologized?”

9. Magazine Profile

Jessica Schulberg, HuffPost, “Kip Kinkel Is Ready To Speak”

Molly Ball, TIME, “What Mike Fanone Can’t Forget”

10. Magazine Investigative Reporting

Andy Bergmann, Jamison Pfeifer, Jerry Beilinson, Kaveh Waddell and Maanvi Singh, Consumer Reports and The Guardian, “When Amazon Expands, These Communities Pay the Price” 

Josiah Bates, Francesca Trianni and Karl Vick, TIME, “The Death of Terrance Franklin”

Olivia Carville, Bloomberg Businessweek, “Airbnb’s Nightmare”

11. Magazine Feature Reporting

Nicholas Casey, The New York Times, “Finding My Father”

Rita Omokha, ELLE, “America Redefined”

May Jeong, Vanity Fair, “Inside the Rash of Unexplained Deaths at Fort Hood”

12. Arts Reporting

Jackson Arn, The Forward, “Jackson Arn: Omnivorous Critic”

Jeffrey M. O’Brien, Fortune, “Welcome to the TikTok Economy”

Kelly Crow, The Wall Street Journal, “NFTs Crash Into the Art World”

13. Sports Reporting

David Gardner, The New York Times, “His N.B.A. Dream Was Right There. Then He Couldn’t Move His Legs.”

Diana Moskovitz, Defector Media, “Courtney’s Story”

Laine Higgins, Louise Radnofsky and Rachel Bachman, The Wall Street Journal, “The Gender Inequality of “March Madness””

14. Business Feature

David Herbert, Bloomberg Businessweek, “The Epic Family Feud Behind an Iconic American Weight-Loss Camp for Kids”

Maria Aspan and Emma Hinchliffe, Fortune, “Crashing the Billionaire Boys’ Club”

Jeffrey M. O’Brien, Fortune, “Welcome to the TikTok Economy”

15. Business Investigative Reporting

Adrianne Jeffries and Leon Yin, The Markup, “Amazon’s Advantage”

Andrew Lehren, Anna Schecter, Didi Martinez, Karol Ilagan and Manuela Andreoni, NBC News, The New York Times, The Pulitzer Center and the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, “Rainforest Destruction: The Supply Chains To U.S. Consumers”

Pandora Papers Reporting Team, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, The Washington Post and Nearly 150 Other Media Partners Around the World, “Pandora Papers”

16. Science, Technology, Medical or Environmental Reporting

Alice Park and Jamie Ducharme, TIME, “The Miracle Workers”

Anna Wilde Mathews, Melanie Evans and Tom McGinty, The Wall Street Journal, “The Truth Behind Hospital Prices”

Sandee LaMotte and Sanjay Gupta, CNN, Justice for Rehma

17. Opinion Writing

Jodi Rudoren, The Forward, “Jodi Rudoren: A Voice of Reason in Unreasonable Times”

Kali Holloway, Daily Beast, “The Sickening History of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Hometown”

Peter Maass, The Intercept, “General Impunity”

18. Spot News Photo

Amit Sharma, The Associated Press, “A Deadly Surge in India”

Bernat Armangue, The Associated Press, “Comfort from the Red Cross in Ceuta”

Konstantinos Tsakalidis, Bloomberg, “Woman in Evia”

19. Sports Photo

Conrad Williams Jr, Newsday, “Morning Workout”

David J. Phillip, The Associated Press, “Finals Throw”

Kathy Willens, The Associated Press, “Between Innings”

20. Feature Photo

Ben Fractenberg, THE CITY, “Survivors”

Emilio Morenatti, The Associated Press, “Under the Volcano”

Felipe Dana, The Associated Press, “The Taliban Return to Power – Life in Afghanistan”

21. Multimedia, Interactive Graphics, and Animation

Samira Jafari, Rob Kuznia and Sean O’Key, CNN, “Assault on Democracy: Paths to Insurrection”

Larry Buchanan, Matt Stevens, Tala Safie and Jessie Wender, The New York Times, “The Art in the Oval Office Tells a Story. Here’s How to See It.”

Opinion Staff, The New York Times, “Postcards From a World on Fire”

22. Digital Innovation

Ben Mauk, Sam Wolson, Matt Huynh, Soo-Jeong Kang and Monica Racic, The New Yorker, “Inside Xinjiang’s Prison State”

Staff, THE CITY, “Meet Your Mayor”

Staff, The New York Times, “What the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Destroyed”

23. Radio or Audio Spot News Reporting

Beth Reardon, Carol D’Auria, Jim Maloney, Lane Bajardi and Sonia Rincon, 1010 WINS, “Ida Slams Tri-State”

Karen Moskow, Ken Feliu, Nathan Hager and Richard Trueman, Bloomberg, “Attack on the US Capitol”

WCBS Newsradio 880 Team, WCBS Newsradio 880, “Hurricane Ida”

24. Radio or Audio Feature Reporting

Amy Morris and Colin Tipton, Bloomberg, “Remembering 9/11, 20 Years Later”

Antonia Hylton, Frannie Kelley and Mike Hixenbaugh, NBC News, “Southlake”

Carmen Borca-Carrillo, Self-Published:, “Looking for Violet: The Podcast”

25. Radio or Audio Investigative Reporting

Adam Hoff, Chris Corcoran, Josh  Dean, Justine Harman and Vanessa Grigoriadis, C13Originals & Campside Media, “Fallen Angel”

Chris Corcoran, Jed Lipinski, Lloyd Lochridge and Tom Lipinski, C13Originals, a Cadence13 studio, “Gone South, Season One: Who Killed Margaret Coon?”

Ayman Mohyeldin and Preeti Varathan, NBC News / MSNBC, “American Radical”

26. Digital Video Reporting

Christine Nguyen, Matthew Kwiecinski, Erin Einhorn and Olivia Lewis, NBC News Digital and BridgeDetroit, “A Segregation Wall Still Standing: The Legacy of Detroit’s Birwood Wall”

Ivan Clow, Kirsten Taggart, Meghan Christensen and Tim Pierson, Forbes, “Billionaire Winklevoss Twins Talk The End Of Facebook, Bitcoin, And NFTs”

Michael Karas, The Record/, “After 14 Months, Former NJ Prisoner Still Struggles to Find Stability”

27. National TV Feature

Aria Shavelson, Erin Moriarty, George Pozderec, Rand Morrison and Sari Aviv, CBS Sunday Morning, “CBS Sunday Morning: Innocence Isn’t Enough”

David Bhagat, Martha Teichner, Mary Lou Teel and Michael Hernandez, CBS Sunday Morning, “For The Birds”

28. National TV Series or Investigative

Craig Thomson, David Mora, Emily Green, Jeb Banegas and Jika Gonzalez, VICE, “DEPORTED TO DEATH”

Jorge J. Garcia, Katie Kerbstat Jacobson, Nicole Young and Scott Pelley, CBS News 60 Minutes, “60 Minutes: Handcuffed to the Truth”

Staff, ABC News, “ABC News: Climate Crisis: Saving Tomorrow”

29. National TV Spot News Reporting

Arshad Zargar, Chris Livesay, Justine Redman, Leigh Kiniry and Virenda Khanna, CBS News, “CBS News: India’s Covid Crisis”

Kaylee Tully, Lesley Stahl, Mirella Brussani, Natalie Peel, Peter Berman and Richard Bonin, CBS News 60 Minutes, “January 6th”

Richard Engel, NBC News Staff, On Assignment with Richard Engel Staff, NBC News, “Richard Engel’s Reporting on the Taliban’s Takeover of Afghanistan”

30. Local TV Feature

Adam Harding, Michael DelGiudice and Rachel Belli, WNBC, “The Photo”

Ariella Weintraub, Dan Keese, Dan Komarinetz, Frank DiLella and Jess Orsburn, Spectrum News NY1, “Saving New York’s Vanishing Lesbian Bar Scene”

Cheryl Wills, Dan Keese and Dan Komarinetz, Spectrum News NY1, “Retired NYPD Detective Opens Up About Domestic Abuse”

31. Local TV Series or Investigative

Ariella Weintraub, Cody Williams, Frank DiLella, Kevin Dugan and Jess Orsburn, Spectrum News NY1, “A Year Without Broadway”

Bob Hardt, Courtney Gross, Dan Keese, Dan Komarinetz and Lloyd Kim, Spectrum News NY1, “Ballot Blunders”

Staff, Newsday, “’He is going to kill me.’ Watch Jo’Anna’s story, a Newsday TV documentary”

32. Local TV Spot News

Staff, Spectrum News NY1, “Governor Andrew Cuomo Resigns”

Staff, Spectrum News NY1, “Mornings on 1: Hurricane Ida Coverage”

Staff, Spectrum News NY1, “Breaking News: Winter Storm Hits NYC”

33. Daniel Pearl Prize for Investigative Reporting

Andrew Lehren, Anna Schecter, Didi Martinez, Karol Ilagan and Manuela Andreoni, NBC News, The New York Times, The Pulitzer Center and the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, “Rainforest Destruction: The Supply Chains To U.S. Consumers”

Pandora Papers Reporting Team, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, The Washington Post and Nearly 150 Other Media Partners Around the World, “Pandora Papers”

Staff, The New York Times, “Airstrikes Gone Wrong”

34. The Mosaic Award

Caleb Melby, Jason Grotto, Mira Rojanasakul and Paul Murray, Bloomberg, “The Inequality Tax”

Geraldine Moriba, Jamila Paksima, Yvonne Latty, Sam Riddell, Jordan Gass-Poore and Patrick Folan, Southern Poverty Law Center and Until 20 Productions, “Fostering Hate: Part II” 

Joe Fryer,  Janelle Rodriguez, Andre Brooks, Jo Yurcaba, Brooke Sopelsa, Brian Latimer, Shawn Reynolds, Luke Oldham, Natalie Rawson and Alexander Tabet, NBC News NOW, “TransAmerica”

35. The Les Payne Award for Coverage on Communities of Color

Claudia Irizarry Aponte and Josefa Velazquez, THE CITY, “The Deliveristas’ Long Journey to Justice” 

Jim Baumbach, Paul LaRocco, Sandra Peddie, David M. Schwartz and Jeffrey Basinger, Newsday, “Policing on LI”

Madison Hall and Canela López, Insider, “2020 Was The Deadliest Year On Record for Transgender People in the US, Insider Database Shows. Experts Say It’s Getting Worse.”

36. Public Service Award

Jason Dearen, David Goldman, Marshall Ritzel and Robert Bumsted, The Associated Press, “The Badge and The Cross”

Emmanuel Martinez, Lauren Kirchner and Malena Carollo, The Markup, “Denied”

Jeff Horwitz and Staff, The Wall Street Journal, “The Facebook Files”

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